#NeverTrump + #NeverClinton = #GoLibertarians

I was disappointed this week when Donald Trump mathematically eliminated the chance of having a contested convention because of his dominant performance in the Indiana primary. I have been even more disappointed by seeing people who hate Clinton and hate Trump saying that they’ll hold their noses and vote for either one or the other.

If you are morally opposed to both Trump and Clinton, it seems to me that the only moral choice left is to vote for a third-party candidate. Please check out the Libertarian debate hosted by John Stossel and ask yourself if any of these candidates aren’t head and shoulders above both Trump and Clinton.

Also, try taking the quiz at isidewith.com and see whether you side more with a Libertarian candidate on the issues than with either Trump or Clinton. Personally, I found that I had more positions in common with all of the libertarian candidates than I did with either Trump or Clinton.

I’m planning to vote for a third-party presidential candidate this year for the first time in my life. If you are also part of the #NeverTrump or #NeverClinton crowd, you should seriously consider doing the same.

Please don’t throw away your vote by voting for someone you hate.


One thought on “#NeverTrump + #NeverClinton = #GoLibertarians”

  1. Well, voting strategically (some call it tactical) isn’t throwing away my vote, any more than voting for someone you like who has no mathematical chance of winning. They are just two approaches to the same problem. To me, Trump is dangerously unstable, and absolutely must be stopped for the good of the country. Voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein etc. won’t achieve that end. I don’t believe in assassinating candidates. Only a vote for HRC, who I deeply dislike, but who is at least “qualified” by experience and backed by money, allies and a major party, can stop Trump and repudiate (for now) his army of bullies.

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