#8: Perry Stripped All of the Children in a Texas Community away from Their Parents

Documenting further reasons why Perry would struggle with general election voters, especially ones who value civil rights…

8. Perry supervised a big-government action that stripped all 468 children from their parents in the Texas community of an unpopular religion (FLDS).

Mental health workers documented the tragedy of the way the FLDS children were treated by the state. One of them wrote:

On the awful day that they separated the mothers and children the level of cruelty and lack of respect for human rights was overwhelming.

After the Texas Supreme Court ruled against the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Governor Perry’s defense was very similar to the defense he made of his decision about the HPV virus.

I am substantially less interested in these fine legal lines that we’re discussing than I am about these children’s welfare, that’s where my focus is.

Governor Perry appeared to be stating that he doesn’t mind if the government exceeds the limits that the law places upon the government, provided that the government has good intentions (even if those good intentions have disastrous results).

Voters with families will have cause to ponder whether they want a chief executive who favors intrusive solutions that seem to show more interest in oppressing an unpopular minority than in safeguarding the well-being of their children or safeguarding constitutional guarantees.

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