Initial Service Plans Didn’t Follow CPS Procedure

State of Texas 45, King George 28

45. A CPS worker admitted that CPS procedure calls for service plans to be based on evidence, even though that procedure wasn’t followed in dealing with the FLDS.

Mark Ticer represented three of Sarah Steed’s chidren (I’ve mentioned Sarah in two previous entries – one which mentioned her three year-old son crying himself to sleep while he was in state protective custody and another which mentioned how far Sarah had to travel to visit her children while they were in state custody). The lawyer, Ticer, asked one of the CPS workers assigned to the Steed family if she had observed Sarah with her children. The CPS worker indicated in her response that none of the CPS workers assigned to the Steed family believed that Sarah had inadequate parenting skills. The CPS worker also said that there was no evidence that any of the children had been abused. Nonetheless, the Steeds initially received the same service plan that was distributed to all of the FLDS families. That service plan called for parents to receive psychological evaluations, child abuse counseling, and parenting classes.

According to a Dallas Observer article, the CPS worker also acknowledged that:

CPS protocol calls for gathering evidence first and then tailoring service plans to specific allegations of abuse and neglect.

Too bad CPS didn’t follow their own procedure…


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