Top Ten List of How CPS Could Try the Shoe on Their Own Foot

Here’s what it would look like if CPS wore their own shoe. CPS workers would:

10. Be required to take parenting classes.

9. Be required to obtain job training so they could become gainfully employed.

8. Move to a historic fort with no air conditioning and inadequate restroom facilities.

7. Allow the FLDS to visit their homes at any time of the day or night to interview them – and any of their family members – in order to collect evidence for civil rights lawsuits.

6. Have their prayers supervised by Latter-day Saints to make sure they don’t coach family members.

5. Provide DNA samples to determine whether their children were the products of extramarital polygamy – in which one member of the married couple listed on a child’s birth certificate is not the child’s biological parent – or the products of serial polygamy – in which different children in the same family come from different married couples, even though those married couples were never part of the same family at the same time (these are the two most common variants of polygamy that have been accepted historically even by some of the most vociferous folks who claim to oppose polygamy).

4. Be required to describe not just how they would behave toward children in the future but also to describe why their treatment of the FLDS children constituted child abuse.

3. Lose all of their children because of an obvious culture of child abuse within their organization.

2. All be treated the same, regardless of whether a given CPS worker showed compassion to the FLDS children or not.

1. Be told over and over again that what is being done is for their own good and for the good of their children.

Seriously, I would not wish Texas’ CPS techniques to be used even against CPS workers, but I do think Texas should seriously evaluate recommendations by groups such as the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.


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