Foster Care Personnel Invade Privacy of FLDS Childbirth

State of Texas 43, King George 28

43. Foster care personnel insisted on being in the labor and delivery room while one FLDS “child” (who wasn’t a child) gave birth.

The “child” who was giving birth, 18 year-old Pamela Jessop, says that she showed government officials her birth certificate before she was taken into state custody. A CPS worker signed a document attesting that Jessop had identified herself as being 18. And, the Bishop’s List – see page 8 – agrees that she was 18 at the time of the raid. Nonetheless, it was not until after she gave birth on 29 April that CPS released her from custody.

Childbirth is one of the most personal – if not one of the most sacred events – in life. The idea that the state would consider it necessary to intrude on such an event is an affront to the human dignity of the mother. One could understand such an intrusion in the case of a murderer. However, as far as I know, she was considered to be a child under the protective custody of the state and not a suspected violent offender. Which leaves as the remaining possibility that the intrusion was justified due to the mother being a flight risk. However, If the state was worried that the mother would grab the baby and run the moment she had finished giving birth, it would have been possible to protect against that possibility in a far less intrusive manner, by posting guards at the window and door. Unless the mother had incredible stamina, the guards wouldn’t even need to be Olympic sprinters.

Jessop said, “they’re dealing with our lives and they’ve treated us like animals.” And her lawyers are considering filing suit for civil rights violations against her. Given the grounds that Texas has provided for civil rights lawsuits, this case may end up being more expensive to taxpayers than previously projected (see previous post).


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