Texas Governor Not Worried about “Fine Legal Lines”

State of Texas 39, King George 28

39. Texas Governor Rick Perry says he is more concerned about the welfare of children than observing “fine legal lines.” According to a Dallas Morning News article, Perry said:

If responsibility needs to be taken for [court edicts] saying that we stepped across some legal line, I’ll certainly take that responsibility. I am substantially less interested in these fine legal lines that we’re discussing than I am about these children’s welfare, that’s where my focus is.

Governor Perry is essentially stating that he doesn’t mind if the government exceeds the limits that the law places upon the government, provided that the government has good intentions. Or, more bluntly, Perry is essentially arguing that – in the case of the government – the ends justifies the means.

As I observed in a previous post, Governor Pyle credited the Short Creek Raid of 1953 with ending his career as governor of Arizona. If the electorate of Texas makes the same judgment of the Eldorado Raid of 2008, Governor Perry has gone on the record saying that he accepts the consequences.

Perry has already stated that he plans to run for re-election in 2010. Hopefully, the voters of Texas are less proud of him than Machiavelli would be…


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