CPS Subjected FLDS Kids to Outrageous Living Conditions

State of Texas 37, King George 28

Now that the children are beginning to go home, maybe the state will slow down in its pace of questionable actions long enough to let me catch up on the backlog of such actions that I haven’t had a chance to document yet.

37. FLDS children and parents had two restrooms to share per 141 people in the early days after the raid. At that time, CPS was housing the FLDS at the Fort Concho National Historic Landmark, which consists of some original and some reconstructed buildings on the site of a 19th century fort.

A petition for writ of habeus corpus filed by attorneys representing three monogamous FLDS fathers (whose wives were “of age at the time of their marriage”) provided the ratio of restrooms to people at this facility (thanks to Grits for Breakfast for providing the link to the filing).

The petition says that FLDS mothers complained about the “squalid living conditions” at the fort and some of the FLDS were then moved to the Wells Fargo Arena. They may have just been moving out of the frying pan and into the fire, however, for the arena was so “filthy … that the mothers took it upon themselves to begin washing the walls”.

In a previous post, I discussed the emotional trauma the children were subjected to by being stripped from their families. The petition provides evidence that the children were also subjected to physically inadequate living conditions. Effectively, CPS subjected the children to real emotional and physical abuse based on the fear that some of the children at some unknown time in the future might be subjected to sexual abuse by some unknown perpetrator. It’s a good thing the Texas Court of Appeals and Texas Supreme Court reined in CPS…


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