CPS Living in Fantasyland?

State of Texas 38, King George 28

38. CPS turned Warren Jeffs into the new villain who must not be named – or quoted – and whose signature must not be seen.

Pictures and quotations of Jeffs were confiscated from his own children, although – in a show of generosity – CPS said that if DNA evidence proved that any of those children were actually his, they would be allowed to have his photo.

FLDS children, including nephews and nieces of Jeffs, were not allowed to hear his name. However, a CPS spokesman admitted that CPS doesn’t have a general policy forbidding children in their custody to talk about relatives who are convicted sex offenders. The policy was specially concocted for the FLDS children, because – according to a CPS spokesman – Jeffs “is their prophet and spiritual leader.”

CPS had also entered the sermons business, picking and choosing which sermons by Jeffs or other FLDS prophets the children were allowed to have. Perhaps CPS felt the need to make sure that such sermons were consistent with the state religion?

And, naturally, even Warren Jeffs’ signature is so powerful, that the FLDS children weren’t allowed to have a copy of that.

When CPS expenditures are released to the public, perhaps we’ll discover that Dolores Umbridge has left the Ministry of Magic and is now on the CPS payroll. How else could one account for such nutty rules? šŸ˜‰


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