Virtual FLDS Petition

Below I’ve listed links to writings that express concern about the way the state of Texas has dealt with the FLDS. Although one of the below entries is an actual petition, the remainder were not written as petitions but nonetheless do express significant concerns with the events in Texas. Of course, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the positions taken by these authors, but I think the discussion of public policy issues involved in this case is healthy. And, as this case progresses, I’ll continue to provide additional links for this “Virtual Petition”.

A few of the below are so significant to understanding the current FLDS case that I’ve marked them as “required reading”.

If you have some favorite links of your own, please post them below.

  1. W. Kenneth Law, Bob Pemberton, Alan Waldrop – Justices of the Texas Court of Appeals, Third District (required reading)
  2. Mental Health Worker #1 (required reading)
  3. Mental Health Worker #2 (required reading)
  4. Mental Health Worker #3 (required reading)
  5. Mental Health Worker #4 (required reading)
  6. Mental Health Worker #5 (required reading)
  7. Mental Health Worker #6 (required reading)
  8. Mental Health Worker #7 (required reading)
  9. Mental Health Worker #8 (required reading)
  10. Mental Health Worker #9 (required reading)
  11. Mental Health Worker #10 (required reading)
  12. Mental Health Worker #11 (required reading)
  13. 2583 signers and counting – “Free the Innocent FLDS” Petition
  14. Nicholas Lollini – Editor-in-Chief of The Spectator
  15. Michelle Rollins – Author of editorial letter to Salt Lake Tribune
  16. Pamela Jean – Citizen Journalist
  17. Scott Henson – “Grits for Breakfast” Blogger
  18. David Bernstein – Professor at George Mason University School of Law
  19. Ben Stein – CBS Contributor
  20. Kristin Wright – posting on
  21. Linda F. Smith – Professor at University of Utah College of Law
  22. Nicole D. Hoff – Certified Lactation Counselor
  23. Joseph Farah – Nationally Syndicated Columnist
  24. Guy Murray – “Messenger and Advocate” Blogger
  25. Laura Gough – Author of editorial letter to The Dallas Morning News

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