Big Tab for Big FLDS Raid

King George 28, State of Texas 25

In the ongoing contest between King George and the State of Texas, the State of Texas is rapidly catching up:

24. The Utah Attorney General, who has experience dealing with polygamist groups, has questioned the approach of Texas authorities. He is quoted as having said, “There is that sweeping statement that they’ve concluded as a matter of law that if you’re a child in a polygamous family, that alone means you’re abused. We’ve never concluded that here.” Shurtleff has focused on domestic abuse and fraud cases and has wished he could prosecute more cases, but he noted that it is challenging to assemble evidence and witnesses to build legal cases … an obstacle that Texas will eventually stumble into as well.

25. The massive state actions will be expensive to taxpayers. The initial costs were estimated as being greater than $25,000 per day. A spokesman for Governor Perry said, “We are looking under the couch cushions right now to see what’s available to pay for those operations.” A state senator who represents the area where the FLDS live said that local taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to cover the expenses of the governement actions but also admitted that the current state budget does not include money for this type of event.

The expenses are already sizeable: a article indicated that legal expenses hit $1.6M on the first day of the court hearing, while Governor Perry’s office has estimated the expenses for the first three weeks at $7.5M. That already places the tab at $1 for every household in the state of Texas, but the Texas Senate Finance Committee Chair has recognized that there’s more money where those first outlays will come from, saying “I’m reasonably convinced that there’s enough money in the state to do this if we want to.

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