State of Texas v. King George III

In 1776, Jefferson listed 28 abuses committed by King George, and now the State of Texas is making a valiant effort to topple the king’s longstanding record. Poor King George may not have much of a chance, since his record is frozen in time, but I thought it might be instructive to keep tally of the score between the State of Texas and the venerable monarch who helped get this nation on its feet. So, even if Texas has strayed from Constitutional bedrock in the recent actions in Schleicher County, I think it may be said that Texas is striving to be true to the memory of the Declaration of Independence (at least King George’s side of it).

I’ll be listing a series of what I consider to be constitutional, ethical, or pragmatic problems with the actions taken by Texas government officials against the FLDS community near Eldorado. I welcome a dialog about these items. If you agree or disagree with one of the issues I list, please leave a comment with your line of reasoning regarding that item.

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